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R.I.P Ralph Kiner


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My favorite Ralph Kiner moments were when during Mets telecasts he would break out such lines as "When I dated Marilyn Monroe.."

Imagine what kind of career numbers he would have had if his back issues hadn't caused him to retire after only 10 years.

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I heard stories that Pittsburgh fans would wait around, even when the team was playing poorly, just to see one last at-bat by Kiner because they thought that he could make magic happen at any time. The Mets, Pirates, the whole baseball world, and this country lost a great man today. R.I.P. Ralph Kiner. You will always be remembered here in Pittsburgh for your style of play, and serving both your country and the baseball world through grace and excellence. Thanks for giving my grandfather and many others such amazing memories.

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It was always a pleasure to listen to Ralph, even these last few years when he had a problem speaking clearly because of Bell's Palsy. He was a great storyteller and brought out the best in Tim McCarver back in the day. I also always got a kick out of his Kinerisms:

-It's Father's Day, so to all you dads, happy birthday.

-Welcome to Kiner's Korner. I'm Ralph Korner.

-All of his saves have come in relief.

RIP Ralph.

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