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World Football Champions League concepts (ManCity added)


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Welcome to the World Football Champions League 2014.

I wanted to branch out beyond doing a concept for the Chicago Fire third jersey contest back in Aug./Sept. 2013, nor did I want to just pick popular club teams worldwide. So, I took all the World Cup qualifiers, selected the top two clubs from each country (as of Jan. 29) and pit them against each other in brackets, a la March Madness. The winners were selected differently per round (coin flip, winning percentage, alphabetical) so I could keep out any personal bias.*

I have the two finalists ready to go, complete with home, away and third jerseys. I will continue to post concepts for each team, working backward from the championship game, until I get all 64 teams completed.

Final Four

  • FC Bayern München (Germany) - Champion
  • Deportivo Toluca FC (Mexico) - Runner-up
  • AFC Ajax (Netherlands)
  • Manchester City FC (England)

C&C on the kits and/or the logo above are always welcome, if not encouraged.

* I will admit to one bias: I included the Chicago Fire instead of Real Salt Lake, but that was less about loyalty and more because I already have the third jersey completed for Chicago. Apologies to any die-hard RSL fans.

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Well, they've won everything else recently, so why not this?

I was hoping to avoid a popular/powerhouse team up front, not because of some dislike for the team, but because I was hoping to get something different. Regardless, fate has spoken and Bayern München reigned supreme as the champions. Below are the kits I put together for them.

The Home isn't drastically different from the actual home kit, but still.
The Away colorway is based on the Munich flag.


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Semifinalist: AFC Ajax


Never been a huge fan of the vertical stripe down the torso--regardless of team and/or color. So I made it wider.

Just this morning, I found that an old version of an Ajax jersey incorporated the Amsterdam flag, like I did on the Away kit. That version used white instead ghosted like mine. May have to go back to the drawing board. The Away is also somewhat similar to the current away. However, I went with orange because it's the Netherlands.


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Semifinalist: Manchester City FC


Manchester City doesn't have a history of outlandish kits, so I kept them simple here, too. I already like the Home kits, so I figured why mess with it much. The current Away needed an update, though.



Have at it...

Coming soon (rest of the Elite 8):

  • Benfica (Portugal)
  • Cruz Azul (Mexico)
  • Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan)
  • Millonarios (Colombia)
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