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MLB Combination of Eras - D-Backs in Purple and Red (March 25)


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Go with the second one. True, the first looks better but if your goal is to combine eras you can't leave out the fact that the Astros had/have a logo that incorporates an "H" on top of a star. With that "H" being there, you effectively combine the 2000s logo with the first/current logo. The first one is just the 2000s logo only. The Astros have had an H in their logo longer than they've not had one.

I'd also recolor the logo to navy, or recolor the logo to gold and the background to navy. The logo covers the 2000s while having the H in there covers the 60s-80s and today. The only era you don't have covered is the 90s. A good way to incorporate that era is to use that era's colors, which were navy and gold at that time.

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Thanks for all the feedback; I have updated some things like the striping order and outlines on the alternate uniforms. Here are some of the options that you wanted to see. I'm not sure what I think of these, so let me know your opinions.

This is the Giants script from their New York days (and as far as I can tell in San Fran. until '72) with an added drop shadow:


Here is the cream jersey with the cursive script from the late '70s with an added gold drop shadow:


(edit: I just saw the numbers on the front and back don't match; I will be sure to fix that if it makes it to the final set.)

Here is a road jersey with the cursive San Francisco script:


I think that top one is perfect for the Giants.

As for the 'Stros, how about trying the 90s logo in those colors? Maybe with the H in the middle of it.

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I dont dig those alternate Giants unis as well as I do those of the main set.

With respect to the Astros, How about 2000-2012 logos only swap Blue & Orange for Black & Red?

How bout this for a recipe:

Take 2000-2012 marks and fonts

- Black & Red

- underline

+ Blue & Orange

+ enough tilt such that vertical stroke on the "t" is parallel to the placket

+ shooting star from 1965-1974 home uni (pick your coloration) as the underline which will put the star in about the same place as in the 1975-1993 era?

Hollow Star on the home cap, H w/ Solid Star on the road.

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I think it'll be difficult to justify using blue as a primary color if David is going to incorporate the tequila sunrise stripes (which I sincerely hope he does).

Bringing back the Tequila Sunrise look should be restrained to "one home day a week" alternate status. It's tasty in small doses, but can get old on the palate in a hurry.

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Whew, that's a lot of feedback; I won't be able to follow all of it. Thanks so much for the feedback, though. It makes doing this series more fun knowing so many people are following along.

I didn't get that much feedback for the Giants, but I will get an update before long.

I will also add that my goal isn't to necessarily incorporate elements from every era. I want to incorporate as many as I can while still having a look that I like.

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I will also add that my goal isn't to necessarily incorporate elements from every era. I want to incorporate as many as I can while still having a look that I like.

Most AL teams have maintained a pretty consistent look their whole existence (Yankees, Red Sox, Royals, Tigers, Mariners, Orioles, Twins) while a handful (White Sox, Astros, Blue Jays) have changed frequently, and sometimes radically, over the years.

In other words, I don't think you're going to run into these kinds of wildly differing opinions with most of the AL teams.

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Here is my update for the Giants. I decided that I would go with the cursive Giants script. It was only used on their uniforms for several years in the late 70s and early 80s, but it was on the main logo for about 35 years (going back to their New York days). I decided to use the cursive San Francisco script on the road uniform because it matches the home jersey. The cursive San Francisco script has been an official mark since 1994.





I made a few other changes. I switched the order of the northwestern stripes on the socks and black jersey. I also thickened the outline on the SF logo on the black jersey. I also added some gold drop shadows to the alternate jerseys.

The main logo change led to a slight change on the tertiary logo, and I have updated all sleeve patches.

I decided to leave the orange jersey as an option on the road, but it would be worn at most a few times a year.

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