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Somehow I missed this


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Since it's already made its way to the balls and bats, is there any chance pink makes it onto MLB uniforms on Mother's Day or BCA day or whatever they use pink for? I could see them using it as an accent on jerseys, or maybe making the cap logos pink.

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If Miami was awarded an expansion team in 1977 instead of Toronto or Seattle, this wouldn't be far off from what I would expect that team to wear.

Yeah it's really a neat color scheme, kinda like the Miami Floridians.

I think the pink socks are a little much, but if they went with a more Floridians-esque color pallet, it could work for one of those "alternate universe" type concepts where the Astros franchise is actually in Miami, and then they go from these uniforms to the racing-rainbow stripe ones.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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