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I could have sworn I commented on this yesterday, but I'll try again.

I have issues with the primary logo. To me, it reads more like a head than a bird with talons outstretched. The leg looks like the bottom of a beak. The way the notch in the wings all end at the same section make that area look like the back of a head. Does this bird have three different wings, or just three feathers on each side? On the secondary, I'd thicken the "I" more to match the other letters in the typeface. The tertiary doesn't add anything; it doesn't do anything that the secondary can't do. I think the teal could stand to be a few shades brighter as well. Dark teal with black and dark grey makes it all look a little dreary.

Good start. You can make this a good concept if you fix a few things.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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