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American Premier Division - Phase III: Atlanta & Seattle Added (3/20)


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Hello everyone, I've decided to test my skills and try something new. I've never deigned anything soccer ever before. This will be my first try on a Soccer league. The league cities and names will be decided by the "posters". This way I will have no early inspiration for the logo idea. After the cities have been chosen (poll will go on until 2.16.14) I will let the followers post team name ideas. I will add as many of the names posted as I can to the next poll (I will only add serious names) that poll will end the following Sunday (2.23.14). I really hope this works out and doesn't end up a complete fail. Voting and Name Ideas are greatly appreciated.



Teams (3/20)...

Alamo City SC

Arsenal Atlanta

Bluff City Blues

Boston Liberty

Capital City

Emerald City SC

FC Oregon

Golden State SC

Houston Cosmos

Las Vegas Blackjacks

LA Action

Motor City SC

New York United

Oklahoma Energy

Philadelphia Brothers

Rocky Mountain SC

Royal Charlotte

Sporting Phoenix

Twin Cities SC

Windy City SC

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Team Name Ideas:

Space City SC (Houston)

San Antonio Freedom

Dallas Republic (From the Republic of Texas)


Albuquerque Something to do with Breaking Bad

Virginia Beach.....

naming soccer teams is too hard, I just can't do it.

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The best teams are in "Other" Wish there was an Orlando instead of Jacksonville.

Sorry, but I took the 50 (really 48) largest cities on the US and had you vote for them. If you want Orlando please state below.

DC is on there twice

Crap that's embarrassing. Please don't vote for them twice. :cry:

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Ok, Ryan, here's to the hope you finish it this time! :P

I'll give you suggestions on the ones I voted for:


Albuquerque - Albuquerque Roadrunners

Charlotte - Queen City FC

Dallas - Dallas Athletic

Oklahoma City - Oklahoma United (assuming Tulsa isn't picked)

Raleigh - Carolina North

Virginia Beach - Seven Cities SC


Los Angeles - Stars of LA FC

San Jose - San Jose SC

Phoenix - Heat City FC

Seattle - Emerald City FC

Portland - Rose City FC

Minnesota - Twin Cities SC


New York - New York United

Chicago - Windy City FC

Philadelphia - Philly SC

Jacksonville - Jacksonville Kingfish

Boston - Boston Fightin' Irish

Washington DC - Capital District FC

Atlanta - ATL FC

Baltimore - Chesapeake FC

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It's midnight on the east coast so Here are your teams and there divisions! Naming starts now till Friday then I will post the best names an you will vote.


Las Vegas, NV (36 Votes)

Charlotte, NC (34 Votes)

Oklahoma City, OK (33 Votes)

San Antonio, TX (33 Votes)

Houston, TX (31 Votes)

Memphis, TN (31 Votes)

Portland, OR (47 Votes)

Seattle, WA (46 Votes)

Los Angeles, CA (40 Votes)

Phoenix, AZ (38 Votes)

Denver, CO (35 Votes)

San Francisco, CA (30 Votes)

Minneapolis, MN (28 Votes)

Chicago, IL (51 Votes)

New York, NY (47 Votes)

Boston, MA (40 Votes)

Atlanta, GA (37 Votes)

Philadelphia, PA (37 Votes)

Washington DC (36 Votes)

Detroit, MI (28 Votes)



Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Detroit, MI

Minneapolis, MN

New York, NY


Houston, TX

Las Vegas, NV

Oklahoma City, OK

Phoenix, AZ

San Antonio, TX


Atlanta, GA

Charlotte, NC

Memphis, TN

Philadelphia, PA

Washington DC


Denver, CO

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

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Here's mine:


- Boston Liberty

- Chicago Winders

- Motor City SC (Detroit)

- Twin Cities SC (Minneapolis)

- Philadelphia Brothers


- Houston Cosmos

- SC of Las Vegas

- Heartland SC (Oklahoma City)

- Valle del Sol FC (Phoenix)

- Alamo City SC (San Antonio)


- ATL SC (Atlanta)

- Royal Charlotte FC

- Memphis Blues

- New York United

- Capital City [in the form of Manchester City] (Washington, DC)


- Colorado Milers [refers to the Mile High City] (Denver)

- Southern California United (Los Angeles)

- Rose City SC (Portland)

- Golden Gate SC (San Francisco)

- Emerald City Kickers (Seattle)

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Peam, I'd actually suggest going with a single table-no division format, I don't know if you're aware, but that's what most of the big international leagues do (English Premier League, French Lique 1, Liga BBVA, Serie A, Bundesliga, Dutch Ervendise, etc.). That aside, I'll give you some names:

Boston, MA - Boston Fightin' Irish

Chicago, IL - Windy City FC

Detroit, MI - Motown FC

Minneapolis, MN - Twin Cities SC

Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Revolution

Atlanta, GA - ATL FC

Charlotte, NC - Queen City FC

Memphis, TN - Memphis Hounds Soccer

New York, NY - New York United

Washington DC - Capital City (I like TheGiantsFan's suggestion.)

Houston, TX - Space City SC

Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blackjacks

Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma United

Phoenix, AZ - Heat City FC

San Antonio, TX - San Antonio Lone Stars

Denver, CO - Colorado 14ers

Los Angeles, CA - Stars of Los Angeles

Portland, OR - Rose City SC

San Francisco, CA - Club San Francisco

Seattle, WA - King County Emeralds

Over/under on my names is 3. Don't dissapoint me!!!

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Names suggestions

Boston Big Digs FC (Allusion to nickname of the Central Artery/Tunnel System)

Chicago Fielders FC (Allusion to Field Museum)

Detroit SC

Minneapolis Archers (Allusion to Target, which has its headquarters there)

Philadelphia FC

SC Atlanta

Charlotte Freedom FC (Allusion to Freedom Park)

Memphis FC

FC New York

Capital District FC (Washington DC)

Houston Suns SC (Allusion to Apollo, for whom the space missions were named, and who was the Sun God in Greek mythology)

Las Vegas Chips (Meaning gambling chips)

FC Oklahoma City

FC Phoenix

San Antonio Blue Stars FC (Allusion to Blue Star Contemporary Art Center)

Denver SC

Los Angeles Hope (Allusion to Bob Hope Airport)

FC Oregon (Portland)

San Francisco Fog (Allusion to the nickname Fog City)

Seattle FC

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Motor City SC (Detroit)

Oklahoma Energy FC (OKC)

Alamo City FC (San Antonio)

King County Emeralds (Seattle)

Mountaineers SC (Denver)

San Fran Blazers (San francisco)

Hollywood United (LA)

Brothers FC (Philly)

Memphis Steamers (Steamboats) (Memphis)

Thorns FC (Portland)

DC Founders (Washington)

Nevada Nightlife SC (Las Vegas)

QC Doves (Charlotte)

Apollo Soccer Stars (Houston)

Copper Canyon FC (Phoenix)

Twin Mills FC (Mill City, Minneapolis)

Chicago Heist (Chicago)

Manhattan Empire FC (NY)

Harbour Fellas FC (Boston)

Gatekeepers United (Atlanta)

I'm shooting for 1 of them being used!
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