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2014 MLS Changes


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Myself I like both the Matthew Wolff and Hyperkat NYCFC branding designs. Love the pentagon in hyperkat's design representing the five boroughs...classy. I wonder how long it will be until NYCFC releases their branding?

It's supposed to be this month, although they've apparently backed away from the original idea of a fan vote.

If they can come up with anything as classy as the Hyperakt or Milo designs, I'll be a fan.

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True, but ouch.

Red Bull needs to get their act together now that there are two more teams competing for a small amount of domestic soccer fans.

NYCFC is going to make a massive marketing push and the Cosmos aren't going to quiet either. The New York metropolitan area has become the most competitive place for domestic soccer in the country.

BTW, who would you root for if/when NYCFC plays the Cosmos in the US Open Cup sometime down the line.

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Not many options yet for nycfc news and discussion.

I think mid march is when they roll out the crest and I am sure the temporary stadium announcement will coincide or follow on its heels. I don't expect a surprise. The real question is the permanent stadium site...

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That's already one more New York City billboard than I've ever seen from RBNY.

FWIW there are a few around. This one is right in my neighborhood in Brooklyn: http://www.behance.net/gallery/New-York-Red-Bulls-Wallscapes/11647681

Yes, in fairness, they did start advertising in the city.

In 2010.

When it was too late. :censored: them. :P

Yeah that's not really true either. They put up billboards shortly after the rebrand and I can remember others in Brooklyn the following season as well. But, yeah, if you're not a fan, you're not a fan.

Back on topic, yeah, for some reason Dallas seems to have dumped the hoops. It's a shame considering the look (if not the color scheme) was unique to the league and instantly identifiable.

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