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Milwaukee Bucks Originals Update - Bucks Unveil Jersey Changes for 2014-15


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While searching for the information on Bob Dandridge I came across this picture


The mothership doesn't have any uniforms with the green script though. Can anybody tell me from which season it is?

Whatever year he was playing for them. Just kidding. .. not sure im thinking between 1970-1973.
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I'm all for Milwaukee teams wearing cream, but I don't think it'd look good with lime green, which is what most Bucks fans want.

I've often wondered if they brought hunter, lime and white back, what would they do for an alternate jersey? I don't think I could see them having a lime green set.

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On 22.02.2014 at 0:36 PM, Elwood said:

Nice! You found the forgotten uniforms. Jim Price played for the Bucks from 1974-75 and six games in the 1976-77 season:




I'm sorry for digging the old thread out but I don't see a point in creating a new one for a short question.

Are you sure the Bucks used them in 76-77 as well? I found this picture of Junior Bridgeman in a script uniform. It must be from 1976-77 as this was the fist year of the Nets in the NBA and the first season Jan Van Breda Kolff played for them.






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Yup, the Bucks kept the old home unis whilst introducing a new road uni for 1976-77. The road uni would be a 1-year design, as they introduced the first of the Irish Rainbow sets the following season.

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