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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getting New Logo, Helmet & Uniforms


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I'm not opposed to the yolk idea, but the execution is lacking. Other than that...

GOOD GOD THAT FONT. WHY?!?!?!? BEVEL?!?!?!? BUCS ON ONE SIDE, SHIP ON THE OTHER. WHAT?!?!? No flow from helmet to unis whatsoever except the colors.

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Here's a video showing the unis in all their glory.

Great seeing this video. noticed the socks were red with the red jersey. Honestly, I am not upset by the changes. I'm ready for the turnaround. Hopefully, these new threads spark some energy into the Tampa Bay fanbase.

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Well... I don't absolutely hate these.

The brighter red and orange actually go very nice together. The yoke and pewter fabric and the two different sleeve logos is an abomination though. They're definitely better than the Jags, but there is NO WAY these are an upgrade to their last set.

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NOBs look like an non-italicized version of this:



What's hilarious is how their old practice jerseys used to get posted as rumors and we were all like, "Yeah, we'll never see anything like THAT on an NFL game jersey..."


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