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New England Patriots Concept


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Here I have a New England Patriots concept. Here are the features of the concept.

  • Kept the helmet the same
  • Brand new Home and Road jerseys using a new alternate logo
  • Alternate logo with players number under it
  • Road alternate features white pants
  • Home alt is a throwback





Road Alt


Home Alt "Throwback"


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I'd change the color of the numbers on that first jersey. Most people wouldn't be able to see those red numbers on a navy blue jersey. It'd be particularly troublesome to people who are colorblind and to others the numbers would appear to "jump." I'd recolor the numbers to white with red trim. Everything else about the concept is OK.

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I would either make the sleeve/TV numbers larger (they're 4" on NFL jerseys) or move them up to the shoulders like KC and Chicago did when NIKE took over. The tiny numbers matched with the logo and smaller-cut sleeves kind of jumbles things up just a bit. Other than that this is really nice.

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