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Tampa Bay Bucs Concept



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With the announcement of the new logo/helmet/uniforms for the Bucs, I was put in the mood for making a concept for them. The helmets feature an oversized logo that has been simplified to an extent (the sword on the flag). Also, the shoulder design mimics a sword as well. Other than that, not a huge change design-wise.

First, the Red/Pewter/Black version (click for larger image):
Second, a Orange/Pewter/Black version. There was a discussion in Sports Logos about this scheme, and most agreed that orange and pewter don't work together. I agree, but it can work if done right. I never let the pewter and orange actually meet, and I think it turned out pretty well.
C&C appreciated!

I realize they all say Home Uniform, I can fix that in an update sometime.

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I like the orange. I would love to see some incorporation of the red on it though, since you kept it in the logo color scheme. Use it as a 2nd outline and maybe a small line on the pants and you have, in my opinion, an improvement to what we have now. One of the better concepts I have seen for the Bucs. Not a fan of the first one, just feels like a Parallel change, if not, downward.

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Would love to see what the orange concept would look like with white helmets and white pants on the home, white helmets and orange pants on the road. Would be nice to use as a comparison, to see if they could make a blend of old and new work.

That's actually a decent thought, I'll probably try that this weekend maybe.
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