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Wildcat - a difficult subject for the sports logo


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as you probably know wildcat is a very difficult subject, and very often they look so bad (in sports logo).

I'm not talking about lions, tigers or the panthers, but small cats, such as the lynx, bobcats and cougar.

Here is my version of the wildcat:

Please comment and feedback.


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Really nice work. The only thing that caught my eye was the snout. It seems to flatten out in the color version. It doesn't in the one color version. Might just be me.

Either way it is great stuff.

Yes, I know what you mean. I need a little push in the right end of the nose and then the nose would be increased.

I have not seen this before. Thanks.

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Very nice.

Question: Do basketball teams in Poland and Europe in general use "American Style" logos like you designed or do they use crests and shields like most football teams over there use?

Shields and crests are typical of football. In basketball has always been fashionable "American style". (In Poland)

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