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Hello everyone. I posted a version of this logo for last years tournament and got some good feedback, so I thought I would post the 2014 version and see where it goes.

Couldn't decide on a chrome version or the color version so I did both.

Feedback is appreciated!

Color version:

Chrome version:

Old logo VS New logo:

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I prefer the color logo but that's because the grays don't offer enough contrast. If you made the words black instead of white it may help and I think a more standard block type font would help as well. The script font is thin and I think that is what makes it a little hard to read. Good look though.

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The 2014 logos say "TOURAMENT" – the "N" is missing. Apart from that, I really prefer the color version – mostly because the chrome version doesn't look like chrome at all. But the color version looks pretty good to me. I would just use the semi-bold Gill Sans (?) instead of the (normal) font that you have used. Would probably look better, but not really sure myself.

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