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2014 MLB Season Thread


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I'm a Cardinals fan and I find most Cardinals fans annoying. It's embarrassing to admit to being a Cardinals fan sometimes. I'm glad I live away from it so I can somewhat be outside that mindset. I can't imagine being a Reds fan living in St. Louis.

I will say the hating on the Cardinals fans is getting old, tired, and easy. Its like making fun of Nickleback. Congratulations, you're the millionth person to say Nickleback sucks/Cardinal fans are morons! Great job!

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I have a ton of respect for the way the Cardinals run their organization. It's the system I've been hoping Walt Jocketty creates for the Reds.

I know this isn't all Cardinals fans, but it's the fans who believe they're somehow preordained and entitled to winning every year that gets peoples goat. It's the ones who behave as if they're responsible for the team's success and not just that they're incredibly lucky to have a well run baseball team in their city. It's the McCalls of the world. It's the people who disowned Albert Pujols after he won you two world series (He did you a favor by leaving BTW). They applaud good performances by visiting pitchers!

And really after 2011 can you blame them for thinking they're better fans than the baseball fans of common teams? They willed the Cardinals to an impossible victory. It was all them.

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I feel a lot of the reason why the Cardinals players (Other than say Wainwright, Holliday, and of course Molina) are "faceless" is because they don't play in New York, Boston, LA or any other cities/teams that ESPN and other sports media outlets are always seeming to pay more attention to.

The Cardinals from 2004-5-6 were anything but faceless. Albert Pujols, Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen, Larry Walker, Mark Mulder, Edgar Renteria, Reggie Sanders, that's a good bunch of names right there, and their being in St. Louis did nothing to preclude recognition of them as such. Relative to those powerhouse teams that won three divisions, two pennants, and a championship, this current bunch of guys does pale in terms of name recognition. Granted, there's always been the element of the Cardinals pulling bums off the trash heap and turning them into serviceable players (I'll never forget them doing so with freaking Todd Wellemeyer), but the "fairy dust," mostly on the pitching side, was always complemented by legitimate superstars you couldn't take anything away from. It's much easier for Todd Wellemeyer to give you six adequate innings when Pujols is homering.

I've given all the credit in the world to the Cardinals organization for building a comprehensive top-to-bottom system that allows them to plug and play seamlessly in the great tradition of the Weaver Orioles and the '90s Braves. That's what running a baseball team is all about, and if people don't know the names of these guys, that's on them, myself included. And with their odious beanball-loving ex-manager off in Arizona with the rest of America's cranky old men who want to hurt everyone who offends them, you can't take anything away from the Cardinals' in-game strategy.

In short, it's all about the BFIBs.

I was listening to Colin Cowheard this morning on my way to work, and I felt he brought up a good point, going back to the whole east coast/west coast media thing.

He was talking about how there always seems to be more coverage and pessimism when it comes to teams in NY/LA or what have you. How many times do you hear of the local media blasting under performance of their teams in big market media hubs? Seems like the local New York media is always saying how Eli Manning is over the hill now, until they win like they did last week of course. Teams in those markets always seem to have that added pressure from the fans and especially the media. He brought up very good examples, like how that didn't seem to happen with the Cardinals, Spurs, or Seahawks. Just thought it was an interesting point.

And when it comes to the arrogance of the fans, yeah, like I said we can get arrogant, and we certainly have been spoiled this past decade. And since we are apparently the reincarnation of satan then, no we don't listen to Nickleback, we listen to Slayer!

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Working on my MLB Postseason wallpaper, but got sidetracked reading about the Angels and their Stadium woes. So, where would a stadium go in Tustin? One location I'm hearing is El Toro. Pretty sure the ground in El Toro is a bit toxic, then again, why would that matter...

The former Marine Corps Air Station next to The District is another location being tossed around. Trying to navigate the District shopping Center is awful, I can't imagine a stadium being there.

From what I gather, the District site is more likely. And yeah, right now navigating there is pretty bad, but there's also enough space to make it more navigable. You've got the 5 right there, the 261 toll road extension spills out there. If I had to throw a stadium somewhere in Tustin, it'd be there.

Plus the El Toro land is more going towards the ever elusive Great Park. (and supposedly, a rebuilt Wild Rivers is going in there too.

Yeah from a location standpoint the District site is probably the best, but I'm not having a whole lot of faith in the traffic navigation. Maybe they would be more apt to fix it.

Yeah, elusive is a really good word. I've been to Irvine a number of times and also used to have family there and lived there for a couple years and they've been talking about that Great Park since I've been in High School. I know they've got a part of the park complete, but it's only taken 10-15 years. Also did anyone go to Wild Rivers. I think I've been there once.

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Just stopping in to ask a question. But why does everyone hate the Cardinals and their fans so much?

I know I already responded to this last week, but this NLDS game 1 is why we hate the Cardinals so much

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Just stopping in to ask a question. But why does everyone hate the Cardinals and their fans so much?

I know I already responded to this last week, but this NLDS game 1 is why we hate the Cardinals so much

Welp, add game 4 to it too. Inches away from Hanley catching it, to a 3-run shot to take the lead

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My predictions from this season. One as Spring Training was wrapping up, the other before the playoffs began:

Hedley's predictions for the 2014 MLB season:

AL East: Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Toronto

AL Central: Detroit, Kansas City**, Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago

AL West: Oakland, Texas*, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston

NL East: Washington, Atlanta*, Miami, New York, Philadelphia

NL Central: St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Chicago

NL West: Los Angeles, San Francisco**, Arizona, Colorado, San Diego

AL Wild Card: Texas over Kansas City

NL Wild Card: Atlanta over San Francisco

ALDS: Boston over Texas, Detroit over Oakland

NLDS: Los Angeles over Atlanta, St. Louis over Washington

ALCS: Detroit over Boston

NLCS: Los Angeles over St. Louis

World Series: Los Angeles over Detroit

Wild Cards: Oakland beats Kansas City, Pittsburgh beats San Francisco

ALDS: Oakland defeats Anaheim in 5, Detroit defeats Baltimore in 4

NLDS: Washington defeats Pittsburgh in 5, Los Angeles defeats St. Louis in 4

ALCS: Detroit defeats Oakland in 6

NLCS: Los Angeles defeats Washington in 5

World Series: Los Angeles defeats Detroit in 6

A few things:

1. Correctly predicted 4 of the division winners and 7 of the 10 playoff participants.

2. Even picked the Royals to make the playoffs. Who else on here made that prediction?

3. I was apparently high on the Dodgers and Tigers making the World Series. Completely forgot I picked those two in March!

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