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Colorado Avalanche Goalie Mask Design Contest - VOTE FOR ME


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Hey everyone, you may have seen me around these boards,HJC, and icethetics for my hockey jerseys and logos. Well one of my designs is a finalist in a contest for my favorite team. Although it's not a jersey design (everyone knows the avs need it though), it's a goalie mask design! The Avalanche, my hometown favorite team, held a contest to design a team mask. Any Colorado resident over 18 had the option to design it using their online "paint studio" (meh) or to download their template and create it in your own program, hand draw it, etc. It seems like I was the only one who did that. Anyways... My Avalanche goalie mask made the top 10 in their design contest! It would be great if you could check out my mask online and vote for it if you like it! You have to create an account which sucks, but if you please could that would be great! (and the acct has to be created under Denver, CO). In addition to making the top ten, the winner gets their mask made and presented to them at an Avs game by J.S. Giguere, who's always been my all time favorite NHLer! (even long before his Avs days). Here's my design and my username is jncox9 so if you could please vote for my design I would be so appreciative! Thank you so much!!!


(If you do vote remember to choose Denver, CO and try postal code 80201. My username is jncox9)

There is no need to vote but I thought I would share my design to see what you though and if you really do like it, it be be great if you could vote for me! Thank you so much!


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