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Just some slight tweaks to what bugs me about Ohio State's uniforms. Firstly, some more silver is included in the uniform with the sleeve striping, making the striping still match without leaving out a school color entirely on the red jersey and without having to use a non-matching sleeve stripe on the white jersey. Secondly, I used the unique number font they currently use in basketball, which is unique enough to be "theirs" without being modern enough to clash with the classic feel of the uniforms.

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Great fix for the sleeve stripes, but I'm not on board with the numbers. One of the other things you associate with Ohio State's uniforms are huge numbers. Keeping the font is fine but I'd bring those big numbers back..

Also, I'd leave the "Ohio State" nameplate off the front. Ohio State's uniforms are one of the more recognizable ones in college football. People know those colors when they see them, so there's no need to slap "Ohio State" in front of them.

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