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Buccaneers Uniform concept (in progress)


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newbucsunis_zpse6516417.jpgIn my opinion, the new uniforms the Buccaneers unveiled are the worst in the league. Just wanted to show what direction I would have gone with the uniforms. I understand this is sloppy and small, but it is designed to show the overall look from an on field view.

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baylor_zps4750f158.jpgChrome gold helmets would give the bucs an identity unmistakable throughout the league

Ya, but they would look ugly.

Being different isn't always the best way to go.

i think gold helmets would look great. These helmets that dont exist would have a faint treasure map drawn all over it, maybe in another shade of gold.

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Oh dear... Did you just go on MS Paint and fill in colours on some template? Not trying to be rude, but their needs to be more effort and originality here. Go back and get Paint.NET or Inkscape or something - they are all free - and take some time and effort before you post something on here. Now hopefully this will be the last comment posted here so we can stop flooding the first page with it.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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