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New Biscuitville Logo


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Biscuitville is a regional (50ish locations, based in Greensboro, locations in NC/VA) fast-food breakfast chain specializing in, well, biscuits.

I passed one yesterday and saw they had a new logo - interestingly, on one side of the sign but not the other. Looked it up and they did the unveiling less than a week ago... so they're really wasting no time. The press release said they were also expanding their menu to include lunch (currently breakfast-only and stores close around 3pm) which I had always thought was profit-reducing and a waste of at least 7 possible business hours.





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After seeing the title, I thought for sure that this was going to be a new Brandiose monstrosity for the Montgomery Biscuits.

I may or may not have thought the same thing.

However, this is a huge upgrade.

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The former logo wasn't bad. Outdated-looking, sure, but not bad.

The new logo though, is a nice upgrade. This one could hang on for a few decades. It looks like it can stand the test of time.

It's simple and very effective. Still conveys the same feel as the old logo, which I think is something that needs to be appreciated more in mainstream marketing and design, especially with brands that have no blemishes to cover, so to speak.

Very well done.


Logo critic and biscuit consumer with no prior knowledge or familiarity with "Biscuitville".

P.S. Thanks for the background info, sc49erfan15.

P.S.S. Good to hear they're adding lunch, hopefully they'll be extending their hours. I feel the exact same way about other breakfast places. We have a place called Star Diner in the Toledo, OH area (not sure if it's a regional or national chain), and its only open until 3, great food though.

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