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The Creamers & The Concepts Hall of Fame


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I believe Brandon's last post answers that question:

no, it's hard to set a hard date with so many moving parts and no one can put it as #1 priority. but we're moving along well and im excited to reveal the nominees ASAP

We have full time jobs and commitments outside the boards. So yes, compiling a list of the best concepts over the past year has been relegated to a few minutes a day in most of our situations. Sticking to an arbitrary deadline isn't exactly a top priority ;). Thanks in advance for your patience.

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thanks for the interest everyone. you see why i couldn't dedicate a hard date to reveal everything. i didn't want anyone to be disappointed if i came up late.

but i've got a few more emails to go through tonight and i've been juggling multiple project for 2 weeks. (clients be like "just one more thing"). the plan as of right now is to reveal all the nominees this week and i'll post the winners the following week

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alright folks, i think when i get everything together i'll make a new thread for this year's awards. i think it will be much more organized that way, then i'll leave it up to Doug if he wants to update the OP in this thread to have as an archive. that said, i'm going to award you guys now with a sneak peak. below are slides i've made for the nominees of the 2015 Creamers Best Concept Award







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OOOOOOOOOH It's exciting! I know I don't get to vote, but If I could, I think drdougfresh deserves one for the NCFA Yearbook. I also expected sparky chewbarky's LV aces concept to be here.

Sparky's LV Aces concept started 1/10/15, so I believe it wouldn't qualify for the 2014 Creamers.

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I'm sure they're busy going through 12 months of concepts and determining what fits where. I believe patience is key in this matter.

I agree, but BMA said "a week" 12 days ago. (it's fine, BMA, we understand) TVIXX, and myself, frankly want to know if there is any update. He is not being impatient, just wanting a check-in.

I would do a X award for best concepts in each sport. Not as glamours but something nice to have as a award

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