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New VCU logo and marks


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I like the lettermarks that use the horn.

The connection between the head and body is strange. It's almost like someone sliced its throat.

that way my thinking too, if only they focused more around that it would of been spectacular. overall its a upgrade, but condersing what was before, not to hard to top that IMO.

Kinda off topic, could CU or the Bills have a case for trademark infringement on the full body logo? If iowa can go after Southern Miss....

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solid overall, but I HATE the mixed fonts in the VCU lettermarks...the C is Berthold City, but the other letters aren't - the S in the RAMS wordmark is also different from the other letters. These inconsistencies make this appear very amateur...of course, the old logo was worse :)

love the horn V, love the shield, like the full body, like the idea of all of the wordmarks/lettermarks, just don't love the execution with multiple fonts

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