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Jesse Alkire's NFL Redesign

DL Watt

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yea these have been around a while, but overall he did a really good job with them. there are some issues i have about some details )like the Falcons red belt loops) but overall he cleaned up the uniform, made them very bold, and stayed true to many designs. i also really like the Ravens and Rams. very good ideas in there

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These seem VERY familiar. I could've sworn someone posted a concept that looked exactly like that Eagles concept, which was also a full league redesign

Yeah, he posted these 1 by 1 late last year.

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Eh, these are all sid concepts but most of them are fairly safe. I've seen the ideas he used executed 100 times for most of these concepts (Jacksonville, Eagles to name a few). The two that I would say are defenitely upgrades are The Ravens and Rams. Most are just parrelel changes I wouldn't mind but don't see as being major improvements. Good job all around but nothing ground breaking.

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Design isn't very good on many of these. I'm sure the people at B/R thought it looked "sick", but only because of the realistic application.

These are still a lot better than Design Junkie.

I like the shades he used for St Louis. I've actually been wanting to do a concept for the Rams and i would've used the exact same colors.

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I actually think a lot of these are big improvements.



Carolina (not including the helmet)





Kansas City

New England

San Francisco


St. Louis

Are all improvements in my book. I think so because these are all either

A. Bad uniforms to begin with, so its easy to upgrade (like Arizona)


B. Great uniforms that only need a little tweak, fixing little inconsistencies. (San Francisco and their sleeve stripes for example)

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Except for the white pants, this is the exact look the Cowboys should use. The only set I feel are a downgrade are Cleveland. Love the detail on the New Orleans helmet. Love just about everything. I wish powder blue was worked into the Chargers set, but as is it just looks so damn clean I can't blame you for leaving it.

Some of my favorite work to date.

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