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Toronto Raptors 20th Anniversary Logo Concept


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Hey guys, figured I'd be neat and share my 20th Anniversary logo concept for chips and piddles. Pretty much exactly along the theme of the one for the 20th Season they just released.


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yours and the offical one are similar but both have some issues -

Official: too squished, especially the X's, the Arial Black font at the bottom seams way out of place and disconnected. Also putting the XX and the 20 is redundant.

Yours: Too tall, nt sure why the jagged stripes in the X's are 2 diff colors.

I think if you move the *1995-CLAW-2015* banner part up higher, so the claw is in between the two X's just like the official and is flanked by the years. And then just change the black jagged striple on the 2nd X to silver it would be perfect. in my opinion.

Also - the shape of your X's that have the serif only on the top-left and bottom-right kinda sorta a little bit, now can't unsee it, look like swastikas.

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