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Teams that should have St. Patrick's Day Jerseys


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Most of them already beat you to it.


In Chicago the only ones who don't are the Bears and Cubs. Either way all you're doing is recoloring the jerseys (poorly I must say). A St. Pattys Day jersey thread is fine, if you put some creativity into it at least.

Also Chicago is becoming less Irish. I say that living in an extremely Irish area on the Southside of Chicago with grandparents off the boat from the Emerald Isle.

From a U of I study:

"Irish was estimated to be the top ancestry in Chicago in 2010, closely followed by German and Polish, which were ahead two decades ago. But the Irish-American population has dropped since 1990 by about 16.4 percent, or about 39,000 people, according to U.S. census data."

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I disagree with Football teams wearing St Patrick's Day jerseys. They play 16 games a year. Giving over a whole home game and therefore 1/16th of what you wear for the season is too much.

It's a bit different in the other sports where you are wearing your St Patrick's day designs for 1 day out of dozens of games isn't such an issue.

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