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Updating the Anaheim Ducks logo


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Well, hello there! This is my first topic on here, so bear with me. I love sports logos and the logo community. And one of my personal favorite logos is that of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Everybody remembers the purple and teal jerseys and that awesome logo. But since they took down the "mighty" moniker, they rebranded the team and changed the logo and colors. People had mixed opinions on it, as did I.

Years went on and I decided to make an updated Ducks logo for fun on the Ducks page. And a lot of people seemed to like it. So, inspired by this, I decided to update my logo. Here we have three different variations on said logo:


1. The original logo I made for the Ducks page. FIND IT HERE: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/1/Mighty_Ducks_of_Anaheim/1994/Primary_Logo

2. I took the red-orange eyes out and shaded the hockey mask.

3. Basically #2 but with the hockey sticks shaded. I also gave the orange "triangle" a sort of beveled look.

Well, enjoy...I guess.

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I prefer #3, as well, with added red-orange eyes.

I am an outspoken opponent of the all-too-common use of meaningless triangles as sports logo backgrounds, but my research indicates that it would be very appropriate to include a "Platinum Triangle" for the Ducks- see http://www.anaheim.net/article.asp?id=1161- the Honda Center is even in that area. Of course, an orange outline would also be appropriate, for Orange County.

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I know beveling is overdone, but that third logo really looks 3-D. There's depth to it, like the mask could actually be real, and it looks like a duck's bill, rather than a random curve.

Definitely 3. No eyes makes it look more impressive, the blank scare goes further than any eye can do.

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I do not like the current logo of the Ducks. I think your concept is exactly how they should have gone; update the old as opposed to completely scraping it and creating a whole new branding.

At any rate my opinion on yours is: I personally do not like the dot in the eye. The eye holes on the mask are fine as is. I like #2 the best. In #1 as I said I do not like the dotted eye and in #3 I think the shading is overdone.

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