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Cleveland Browns Concept


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Since we are all anticipating whether or not Nike will ultra-modernize the Browns' uniforms, I thought I would post my idea for a slightly more modern, yet still very traditional Browns' uniform. You will likely notice that I like uniformity of stripes and, at least for Cleveland, a rather traditional feel.



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Nothing against the concept, because it's good, but this just proves the Browns do not need their uniforms "modernized", for this reason alone. The Browns, unlike the Florida teams, have a lot of history behind their historical look. The Browns ownership and fans will not be open to a full modernization like Tampa Bay or Jacksonville. If anything, we'd see something like this. This right here is "change for the sake of change". It's not bad by any means, but it's clearly not an improvement. Slap on a secondary logo, put a boring wordmark, and maybe a couple stripes. The Browns will not go for many changes, and any changes they do make will be so pointless that it'll do nothing but deteriate any history the old ones had.

Good concept, but just making a point about the Browns 2015 future changes.

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