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March Madness 2014 Brackets


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No wonder I was last. My bracket didn't load correctly. I filled it out, then joined the group. Should I have done it the other way around?

I dropped out, BTW. No need for me to be in the ranks if my bracket's not even available

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So heading into the Sweet Sixteen, a couple of quickies about my bracket:


It was ugly early-on, but all four of my picked teams in this region are still in-play (Arizona, San Diego State, Baylor and Wisconsin).


The worst-damaged region, only two of my four teams here are still alive and they'll each play bracket-busters next (Louisville and Michigan). Coincidentally, they're my pics for this region's final game.


Two of my four teams here remain, but they'll meet up in this region's semifinal (UCLA and Florida). The other regional semifinal has teams that busted this bracket.


Same as in the South, where two of my four pics remain, they'll meet up in their next game (Virginia and Michigan State) and the other regional semifinal involves bracket-busters.

So in summary, of the 16 teams left in this tournament, only 10 of them are still in-tact for me.

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So in summary, of the 16 teams left in this tournament, only 10 of them are still in-tact for me.

Hey, me too. Don't feel bad about that. I am ranked 140 out of 1000 in my Yahoo bracket group with the same number of teams left.

I got Florida over Arizona in the final.


Also, I'd like to know how we decided on the final score prediction in the Finals (usually the tiebreaker in bracket pools). I heard that 3 points is the average point differential in a Division I college basketball game, so I decided on 93-90...that sum seems way high, though (the average number of FG attempts by one team is around 45, so 93-90 is extremely high-scoring for college basketball).

Virginia is supposed to lose any time now because of their "slow pace" and Arizona is rolling because their "opponent's points per 100 possessions" is the best in the country.

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Hey I won!

I wish I'd won one of the "for money" pools I was in, but this pretty cool.

Congrats. Managed to nab the Bronze despite only having 2 correct Final Four participants and not having either my National Championship and Runner-Up in the Final Four.

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