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Brooklyn Nets "Brooklyn Blue" Concepts


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The Brooklyn Nets will be wearing their first Alternate Jerseys tabbed ‘Brooklyn Blue Jerseys’ for 5 of their last 8 Home Games. The jerseys will feature their regular ‘BROOKLYN’ wordmark in Blue with a grey jersey with sleeves. I decided to mock-up the Nets current logos and Home Jersey in those Colors. The Grey/White/Blue color scheme must have been considered, since the old Brooklyn Dodgers featured the same color scheme. As a Nets fan, I really like how the White looks with the Dodger Blue. Even though I really like the Black & White color scheme the Nets went with, the White/Grey/Blue looks really nice and clean.

(More on my Twitter - @MikeKing00)



*EDIT* New Secondary Logo's:





Home Jersey:


In-Game Jersey: f2ngx1.jpg

Tell me what you think!

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This is what the Dodgers' B really looked like. Everything in this thread so far is just MLB Properties' lazy adaptation of the Red Sox's logo for Dodgers throwback merchandise.


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