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Favorite Font for Design Presentation?

The Fixer

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I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a good clean font for a design presentation I'm giving on Wednesday. Ild prefer to use something now preprogrammed into computers.

I'm torn between sans serif and serif because the design is for a children's toy, but the presentation is very formal so it could go either way.

All recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

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If we're talking preprogrammed fonts, I like Century Gothic. I think of it as the poor man's Futura.

I also like Gill Sans. It will certainly look professional, but when bolded it has a very playful aspect that could fit your children's toy motif. It was the font used for the Toy Story logo.

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Gotham. Adore it.

It's worth spending for. :P

I like Gotham too, but it's become so overused nowadays that it's almost become the new Helvetica.

which is why like it. Helvetica is a classic that you can hardly go wrong with and Gotham is an even better version of the "modern go-to sans"

Gotham and Trade Gothic all day

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