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NASCAR Concepts


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After seeing Raysox thread, I thought I might jump in on the NASCAR field a bit. I mentioned I race on iRacing, but I've been using the sims since the original NASCAR Racing back in the day. I'm working on becoming a graphic designer and I love to show off some of the work i've done in sim. Here's a link to my actual site I have setup at the moment, it's a work in progress.







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Any plans of trying to make some changes to current cars? Just curious. It's not often we get any NASCAR stuff in Concepts, but when we do, I usually like it. There was that one guy who was making NHL NASCAR cars, but he never finished. Shame, b/c it was a good series.

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The top 2 car number fonts are a little to ARCAy for me, but I like the look of the schemes themselves

None of the cars shown have custom fonts, iRacing has fonts they have in place for the game. You can set custom ones for test sessions, I just chose to use what the driver was going to use.

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