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NFL Throwbacks (49ers, Titans, and Redskins Added)(Complete)


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So being that the NFL has a rule to limit teams to one helmet, I decided to challenge myself to make throwbacks for every team (when applicable) using throwbacks that the team has not used (not including 1994, because that would just not be fair)while still keeping the helmet shell the same. I have decided to do these in alphabetical order starting with the Arizona Cardinals.


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I believe that the only thing you can't change regarding the helmet is the actual helmet itself, no? I'm not sure on the facemask, you can change decals, however. I'd assume that you know, but assuming makes an ass out of U and me. :P

The uniforms are fantastic, by the way. :)

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Today's set is the Atlanta Falcons.


And yes, I do have multiple cuts for the jerseys as there are three different cuts from Nike in the NFL, this one most closely resembling the one that the Falcons/Panthers/Eagles wear.

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I will say that I'll be following closely. It is interesting to think of how these teams will go around the rule.

Right now, you seem to be in the easier teams: Teams that never really changed the shell that much. It'll be interesting to see what happens when you get to someone like New England, or worse, Jacksonville ;)

I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off though. Arizona & ATL looks good. No complaints. Good luck as I'm sure this will get interesting

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Is the Browns set even a throwback? I don't see anything different about this. Not that it's your fault, the Browns don't change anything, except for their coaches. :P

And their city. :P

Wow, it must have been tough to distinguish the Browns from the Bengals back in the day to the average viewer.

While similar, the throwback is the spaced sleeve stripes, orange pants, and striped socks.

A lot of people don't know this, but the bengals are a team that was basically Paul Brown giving a middle finger to Cleveland with similar unis and colors in another part of Ohio.

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