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Arizona Basketball Court Concept


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I agree with the comments above. There needs to be a space in the words on the baseline and the half-court line needs to be visible over the stain. I would also center the state stain; the A touching one side of the state doesn't look right.

I would also add an outline around the state stain because whenever I see Ohio St. play at home, I think it looks like a big red kool-aid stain on the court. It looks good from above, but from the angle of TV cameras it doesn't look as clear to me. And I am from Ohio originally, so I am very familiar with the state's shape.

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Nice. I like the idea, but center the Arizona outline a little more. Space Arizona and Wildcats apart, consider one word on one side, or both with Arizona. Put the court name down the middle or on both sides. Good work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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