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Help with customizing two LA Kings jerseys (For all you collecting buffs)


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Hey everyone, though this is sort of a request, it's probably best up here in Sports Logos as it's really in regards to talking the history of the uniform makes and such.

I recently just bought a CCM blank black (away) Los Angeles Kings jersey. I'm looking to customize it to a Wayne Gretzky. The logo has the white shadow which dates it to the 1992 - 1995 period from what I know so I will be choosing the appropriate number set for that period. My question is however, how were the numbers on the jerseys back then? Were they layered stitched, name bar, individual letters stitched?

My second question is being I'm getting this jersey, my friend will be getting my Starter Kings black (away) jersey that didn't fit me. He's wanting to know if Gretzky ever wore Starter during his time in LA.

Hoping any of you could help either of us out. Would be cool to hear how I'll be going direction wise on my numbers and such stitching wise.

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Here's a thread on icejersey forum to do with King's Starter jerseys.


Looks like at least one of the guys there knows a lot about game worn Kings jerseys. If info. needed not in thread could join group and ask a question. They are really into game worn jerseys on that site.

Gretzky played on Kings for 1988/89-1995/96.


The gameworn.net -> resources -> jersey project shows they didn't start using Starter until the season after he was gone.


One place to get some bigger pics of game worn jersey is here:


Can also just search "Game worn Los Angeles Kings jersey 19__" on Google and you should get some pics from auctions sites. Searching some photo sharing sites (photobucket, flickr, etc.) might get some results also.

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