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I rework and tweak a few MLB teams: COL added


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Using the logos and template that Chris has on this site, plus some of my own limited skills, I've been tweaking some MLB team uniforms. They've been posted to Uni-Watch before, but I thought I'd polish them up and share them here specifically as well.

I'll start with my concept for the Anaheim Angels.



A unique font for their numbers is good, and shaving the barbs from their current one made for a really good one.

Their '76-'93 jerseys were cool, so I made a button down version sans the front number.

Their cap logo from that era was also cool, so I kept the spirit of it around in red.

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If I had my druthers, Arizona would have never strayed from their Purple era. However, I find pinstripes on grey unis to be ugly.

Their home/road pair should look like this:



Given their current red era, This uniform with their "db" logo has lots of potential:


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I actually really like the look of that last one, actually. The road looks good without the pinstripes...


Next set is one of two new looks I have for the Rockies. This one replaces the Times/Serif font wordmark with classic block lettering. Their hat logo in serif is OK, but needs to be made solid in order to look it's best.

First, the home and road:



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