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Some notable uniform and logo-related stuff from "Draft Day"


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I just saw the new movie and here are some things I noticed from the movie:

  • Of the coaches, front office personnel, their shirts had the team name and logo but there was no logo creep from Nike except for one shirt I saw
  • I think mostly anybody in the front office wearing a suit had a pin on their jacket of their team's logo
  • There was a scene that took place from the Wisconsin Badgers practice and Adidas logos were very visible
  • They filmed some of it during last year's draft, so you can see extras in those scenes wearing fake jerseys
  • The Jaguars war room featured their new logo but team using mugs and screen savers with the old logo
  • Throughout the offices of the different teams, it looked pretty good. They had posters, photos, logos from the team's history, which reflected what real offices would look like

That's all I can remember. Anyone else who has seen the movie and catch something I missed, can put it there.

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