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American Gaming League/My shoelocker and redesigns


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Since my first ideas didn't work well I canceled them and came up with a new idea, a major league for video games. To avoid having to make a bunch of threads, I'll also post my shoe designs and any other uniforms I do here. I don't have the whole story together but here's the basics.


The AGL is a 12 team league with plans for expansions.

There isn't a draft, just a offseason for signing free agents.

The season is a series of head to head battles across 10 weeks to lead up to the six team playoff.

Every team has five players on a starting lineup, with two reserve players.

Teams represent regions, not individual cities.

Uniforms done:

DC Gaming: JYfblLD.jpg

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Funny you asked, I was about to explain. Basically you make a team of two sports gamers, two shooter gamers, and one utility gamer, and they go head to head in matchups that the home team decides based on the genre. The games are played on flatscreen TVs at arenas, and the home team decides the game. It can either be co op or every gamer for himself. Utility gamers can play any other genre then sports or shooter.

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