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Nikefying the rest of the NFL... (Falcons added, need feedback on differences between two jerseys) 15/28


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The dark uniforms have been updated. I need your opinions now. For the whites, should I stay true to the royal and silver green? Or should I use this opportunity to match the blues and silvers from the helmet to the uniform?

I don't like the helmet design on a REVO Speed, either, I don't like the design at all, but it IS Nike. Good idea, except for the helmet.

Fixed to wide stripe all the way across helmet.

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Interesting design with the star on the chest.

Safe to say this was the inspiration?


Sure was. I saw that and thought it would be perfect for the Cowboys.

If you like that, stick around. Optimus Prime factors into my Patriots design, Darth Vader into my Raiders design, I could keep going but I'll ruin everything lol.

And yes, tomorrow I will post the full Cowboys presentation, including a picture of the Cap's suit. Was going to tie it into America's team and whatnot.

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Dallas is finished! I have an idea of who will be next, but I'm still not sure of the order I want to unveil these. When this project is finished, I will go back and do alternate uniforms. For now, I have decided to stick to a home and an away set for each of the 28 teams remaining. Let me know what you think.

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I can honestly say that I would be ok with this if it truly happened...

BUT, I'd still want the number to either stay the same or go back to the 60's era font and leave the helmet alone.

Still, not bad, man. Not bad at all.

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Very nice on the Redskins set. I think narrowing the numbers a bit would help them out. Also I'd love to see some yellow alternate pants or possibly even black to go with the home set.. On the home pants, maybe add a bit of yellow to accentuate the tribal mark. Right now it's virtually invisible.

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