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1 hour ago, BroncoBuff said:


Of course, please don't take me too seriously.


Darth Brooks posted did post some very interesting, in-depth topics on the first couple pages ... but now it's been FOUR years since I first posted in here. I'm not ENTITLED to any one-on-one lessons, I know that. But there are some very talented people here ... hell, I'd be happy with a quick drive-by and a sentence or two from them.


It's not just this site, I posted some of these same images on another site's "Photoshop help" thread ... in 6 months all I got was ONE post, with just ONE word: "Rasterize." I looked up its meaning, it had something to do with bitmap images. But I'm still not sure what it meant. 

There's also a Discord channel that is nothing but lessons for understanding Photoshop. If you go there they even have a challenge of the day.

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The best thing you can do with Photoshop is ditch it for Illustrator. For the type of stuff people make on these boards, Illustrator is by far the better program.

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