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World License Plate redesign *Caithness and Manitoula*


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Well, I remember this one well too. I drew inspiration from the traditional dresses worn my local women and they were really unique combination of colours that really made the plate pop.



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From a distance, this may be a little jarring on the eyes, but I think it would look nice in the flesh.
Again, I apologize, but I made these a while back so I don't remember the proper names and reasons for some things. I do remember that there was a sport with a rubber ball of some sort that is a traditional sport still played in the area. The circle design at the top represents that.
There is also a strong music culture associated with the area - cant remember the specific subgenre - but it was brass focused. I used the trumpet for the bottom design. The Tomato was really the only idea I kept.
I'm not too happy with this one. I had some trouble gathering ideas so it became a mishmash of different symbols in the state.



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ok so I believe this is the last one I have - I have 2 Baja California plates but they absolutely suck.

So I basically touched on the 2003 colours and 2006 design in the background. I made a Mayan Pyramid(?) type design with the slogan in the middle of it. The Impala/Springbok/whatever it is was taken from the state seal and the El Caracol is on the other side which is taken from the 2003 plates. I really don't like this one much, something about it looks incomplete or something, maybe I needed another shade of brown on the pyramid or something, I was trying to me abstract but it just looks bad. Oh well, here it is. (btw, yes I know there is an accent missing, but the real plates don't seem to have them)



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what? more plates? Yep!!

I've been working on my imaginary Country of Tamaria thread and I am posting each cantons' license plate here.

Anyway, I made 3 prototypes for the Province of Olea. The colours are Lavender and Cream due to the abundance of lavender in the province. (the real personal reason was because it was my grandmothers favourite colour and scent and the song Shimmer by Fuel has the lyrics "lavender and cream" in it - I believe it is a poem that they are referencing). Tell mw which one you guys like better, I personally like the Western Australian swan as the divider (the province is right next to the state).

Provincial Flag Design

Lavender Design

Swan Design

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Hey, this thread's alive again!

I would probably suggest a compromise between the Lavender and Swan designs, with the swan in a corner and the lavender in the middle. Maybe you could add some of the gold from the Flag design as a stripe at the top of the plate.

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Alrighty, I made a compromise. I put Lavender in the Swan's feathers and I think it looks pretty unique and can make for the Provincial icon. I also fixed the slogan to "Province" rather than "State" and now I just have to fix the flag with the Lavender Swan.


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Thanks man.

I could have sworn I posted this here before but it seems as though I haven't.
So this is another imaginary place in Tamaria. I came up with the idea of separate front and rear plates just to try something new - this may be a continuous thing in Tamaria, not sure yet. I used a nice Brick Red and used simple asymmetric banners for the rear plates. There is nothing interesting design-wise but for these imaginary cantons I'm going for a "what if this country was real" look rather than what I think they should do. Hopefully that makes sense...

p.s. It says "The First State" however as of 2010 it is officially considered a province again after changing to a state in 1973. But since it still was the first state, they left the nickname on the plates.

Front Plates

Rear Plates

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I looked through several pages and there is some excellent work here! You designed a nice, classy look for my home state of Virginia. I'm not sure I'm entirely in love with it, but it fits. However, I would suggest some red. Maybe even utilize the cardinal in a alternate design. The cardinal for some reason doesn't get enough love in this state.

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Thanks, always nice to have new people check this thread out! :)

The problem with Virginia - not really a problem, you get the point - is that its a very eclectic state. There is so much going on that I didnt want to use one or two specific regional icons - that was a recurring goal throughout this thread. Another issue is that the Cardinal is such a popular bird that it is the state bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina, as well as being the namesake of 2 popular sports teams. Would the addition of red be due to the cardinal?

I wanted a black plate and felt Virginia was the best fit since their current plates are white with black dyes. Also, black doesnt really restrict the colour to anything specific - much like white. I am very proud of the logo I came up with and it took 2 weeks to even come up with an idea to combine as much of Virginia as possible. When I see the logo, the first thing that comes to my mind is Virginia.

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I got another fantasy plate made up. I first made the Provincial Flag of Manitoula and then realized the design translates really well to a plate so I figured I might as well put it to paper - or digital paper - and see what I can mock up.

So as you can see, there are a few things going on here. First, we have a Sunflower with a heart in the middle for the divider. This is the Provincial Logo and is featured on the flag. The Sunflower is obviously representing the Sunflowers that grow in the province as well as it being nicknamed the Sunflower Province. The heart represents the heartland - much like the American Heartland - because the entire province is covered in fertile lands, more than any other canton in the country. Also the centre of the sunflowers are somewhat heart shaped. The wheat stripes at the top also represent the farmlands - it is on the bottom of the flag. The wordmark was fun to make, it started with a heart shaped M and then I edited Frankiln Gothic font to match the M and I think it turned out really nice.

Anyway, enough talking.


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Here's Caithness, another fantasy plate. Caithness has a rich Scottish background, hence the name and the Lion Rampant. The colours of the province are Auburn, Strawberry Blonde and Champagne Supernova.



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Ontario has the most uninspired plates in the western hemisphere. Honestly, every time I visit Niagara, I see how lame ours are. For no real reason either.

The only thing we have is a pretty vast personalized logo options list... though I'm not sure how unique we are with that either.


I like the loon. When I bought my car in 2010, I didn't pull the trigger on swag like that.

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