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logo design - constructive criticism needed!


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i am working on a redesign of my teams old logo and i am struggling to get it right. the image shows the original logo at the bottom, then two concepts at the top. before you ask, the logo isn't actually a specific 'thing', it was a mash up of a few different logos. i could really do with some help to get this logo going in the right direct, i know it could do with a bit of shadow, the black outline is probably way too thick,

any help would be much appreciated, as i am really struggling with this logo for some reason.




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Overall not bad. The blue one seems to be the closest.

Work on the perspective. You have a nice 3 quater view for the head but then your flames flatten out and appear to take a right turn. Give them some variety. Short flames on the outside longer in the middle.

Also, I think you need more skull or better transition for the flames. If it's hair then make a hairline. If they are flames then take a look at how fire sits on an object.

Hope that helps.


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I actually think it's a great logo as is and it's a great upgrade to the original. I do have to ask though...what sport does your team play? Is it for your school, where it could be used for multiple sports? You never did mention what sport this is for. I can see this logo being on a football helmet, at the center of a hockey rink or the center of a basketball court. It'd be OK for a baseball/softball cap.

If there is anything you could do I'd recommend putting a few red highlights into the logo's hair. Red was a part of the old logo and I'm assuming red was part of your team's identity and one of the team's colors. Therefore, red has to make it in there somehow. If not the hair, consider red pupils or eyes.

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thanks guys, really helpful information. as for the flames, i haven't really started working on them yet, wanted to get the face right first and go from there. I will be changing the angle of the flames, and adding some red to it.

the logo is for my american football team, so it will be going on helmets, but ill also be addend some text to it for clothing. the main reason for updating the logo was to make it 3D and give it more life.

will work on it some more and let you know how its goes.

Thanks again

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