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Impact Arena Football - Board Game - 24th July - Work Resuming


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Only problem I have with New Orleans is the hair on the head. But then again it's so good that I almost really don't care about the hair! All these look great! Excited to see what the Louisville helmet will look like.

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well it's not just a skull, it's a zombie, zombies sometimes have hair...plus I needed to break up the big blob of green a bit.

as far as an update goes I'm currently working on rounding out the Northern League by getting the logo's done for these teams:

- Detroit Torque

- Columbus Flyers

- Iowa Dusters

- Boise Bluebirds

then I should be able to get onto the much neglected Southern League...lol

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Excited for all of these.

I think you should look into changing the Atlanta name. Titans is kinda an overused name. Or maybe go with a completely different city, because Atlanta is kneon for having a pretty poor fan base. Maybe go with a "Green Bay" esque type city like Savannah or something.

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