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Pretty good! If I were going to make some suggestions, I would say:

1) Instead of having the gold facemask, I'd go with a black mask and a gold stripe (you could even have it continue onto the facemask like the kids are doing these days).

2) I wouldn't have the gold stripe and white stripe touch. The two colors don't touch anywhere else on the design. A way to fix this might be to turn the white stripe on the home jersey to black, and then put the upper part of the sleeve cap to white (kind of like the Seahawks, who I'm guessing you took some inspiration from).

3) The font is compact enough to add some shoulder numbers.

4) The PLAYER name is on slightly different angle than the IOWA or the numbers.

I also prefer the current logo to this one, but I have a feeling you're a fan of the unused one. :)

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Black facemask would look a little better, I think. The yellow mask is tough to pull off, especially on a black helmet. The number font choice is great. I'd also somehow put large numbers on the back of the helmets - just to keep the tradition going.

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It bears a strong resemblance to Missouri's uniforms. Too similar, in my opinion

How? Because Mizzou's uniforms are black and yellow also?

mizzou-football-jersey-uniform-august-31I fail to see how these resemble the concept by LO.

That was my first impression too: These look like Missouri. 1) Yep, it's the colors. But more to be more specific, it's how the colors are used: The gold numbers on the home jersey (they're white on Iowa's jerseys now) and the gold over black for the alternate both immediately made me think of Missouri. 2) The numbers themselves make me think of Missouri: slanted to the right with rounded edges (though Missouri's are better).

There's enough between the creativity shown in the striping here and the myriad of uniforms that Iowa has used throughout it's football program's existence to come up with something that both ties to Iowa's current, conservative and traditional look (something as simple as block numbers, perhaps?) and that still differentiates them from both the Steelers and Missouri.

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