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NCAA Football Redesign


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I have started a new page because the last one did not go to well. I'm extremely sorry for what I did and I got ahead of myself. Doug I'm kinda new to all this and hope you won't look at me as a stupid person. Anyone new to this don't make stupid decisions like I did, it won't happen again.

Anyone I'm going to be making concept for all the teams in..





Big12: Baylor

SEC: Georgia

First Off Baylor

Request teams and changes


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Very logo happy. The "BAYLOR" on the sleeves is a little much, plus it's difficult to read. I like the way you're going, but the grey (or is it green?) is just odd, I wouldn't have that as the primary colors.

Plus, it's been covered in a different thread, but the bottom part of the helmets is always black; its not a customization piece of the helmet.

I think this is a decent concept, it can all be improved. Just keep working at it.

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Alright, you've got a solid concept here, but you need to change a few things: I'd thin the number outline a lot, it's very thick and on the alternate you can even see the pixels: That's not good. Your collars need to go with the colors of the uniform: not a random new color, with it's only appearance there. And the "Baylor" on the sleeves is very pixelated and just looks terrible. You should just remove that entirely.

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First, the back bottom piece of the helmet is normally always white, the face mask clips are always white, black or clear

Second, it seams your just randomly went around changing colors to the different areas that could be changed, looks like there was not thought put into the work. the white on the collar is out of place since there is no other white in the rest of the uniform, other than the white helmet and that's out of place to.

Third, The pants logo is way to big, never seen logos on socks, i see why, does not look good.

Fourth, Most colleges won't have 3 jerseys, 3 pants, 3 helmets, its to expensive for most colleges.

Probably the best advice to give you is slow down, put thought into it. look around the forums to see how other people do the concepts.

I have been working on a concept for 2 weeks now, Which will have 10 teams, each with 3 uniforms and still have not touched my computer yet.

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I think you hit it on the nose with this uniform. I think they are very sharp looking uniforms especially for Baylor, who already has uniforms that are a bit out there. They would look great on the field and I think alot of people would buy these in a pro shop.

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Some suggestions:

Make the helmet logo smaller; I know on the gray one it's large for effect, but the other two helmets have the G way too large.

Second, consider how the jersey would look with a two digit number. Actually, it's best to make your concepts with a two digit number, because that is how most jerseys will appear. That will keep your numbers an appropriate size.

Third, I'd make some differentiation between the various uniforms other than simple color fill. Florida is a good example of that, how they keep the color pattern on stripes consistent, despite differing pants and jersey colors. Just some food for thought.

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As dakotapalm mentioned, you have a problem with your numeral. It's WAY too big. And, on the Baylor concept, positioned too high up. It's crowding the swoosh. With numbers that big, you have a tough time putting a "22" or "88" on there. I know that I like to go with 2-digit numbers on all of my concepts to make sure that my numerals aren't too big. Also, I would suggest staying away from using a number that includes "1" as it can lead to the same problem.

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