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Fast Food Football Franchise - 5/10 - Added Burger King


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ok, I wanted to do something I never seen yet. I searched the boards, and found nothing like this, unless it way back.

Im going to make Football uniforms for the top 10 global fast food chains. They are:

10. Papa Johns Pizza

9. Dairy Queen

8. Dunkin Donuts

7. Dominos Pizza

6. Burger King

5. Starbucks

4. Pizza Hut

3. Subway

2. KFC

1. McDonalds

I will be making a Home and Away, My rules for these are make them look as if they belong on a football field, so nothing crazy or out of the box. I will also do a alternate, No rules for the alternates, so some of these will get crazy. I did Mcdonalds first, but wont show it til last, I love the alternate.

So, here is the first, and not too crazy for the first one, Papa Johns.




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Convenient how you started this right after I started the soda company uniforms..

I thought they were by the same person when I saw the titles, and I'm like, can't this groupthink of another idea. Then I realized two different people. Anyway great work both of you!

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I agree with the situation on the helmet. Maybe put Papa Johns straight on the helmet rather than at an angle. I believe there was a series on corporate football team about 2 years ago. Other than the helmet, your off to a fantastic start

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Convenient how you started this right after I started the soda company uniforms..

Yes, I just saw it right after I posted this. Been working on this series for a couple weeks now

Please, I want a combo. Big Mac Fotball with Baseball Coke.

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What About subway?

#3 on the list

I love this idea try jimmy johns and subway. I also would like to see new logos for each team . Because I feel like the papa johns logo

Does not look good on a helmet . Mabey have a JP for a logo or make some type of pizza logo . Just my idea

I was thinking about making logos, we will see how it goes, the only one i made a logo for so far is McDonalds

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Other than the PapaJohns logo not looking well on a football helmet this is pretty spot on perfect. Maybe the sleeve logo could look better on the helmet? Doing that though you I'm not sure how people would take it because I think the sleeve design looks great right now so I don't want that to change. I guess it should be left. Though that's not at your fault.

Companies like this should understand people want to make football concepts of them, so they should come prepared with better football helmet ready logos.

Why aren't you doing chick-fil-a?????

They are not in the top 10 Global Fast food chain list.

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