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College Logo Changes 2014-15


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SFA is supposed to be introducing a new logo. After poor reaction they've rescheduled the release. It's terrible. The current logo has black replacing the red. The new one on the right looks like MS Paint.


Neither of SFA's logo options, old or new, are good.

I'm a bigger fan of the mostly unused secondary logos for SFA.

You talking about the anthropomorphized axe?


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I have yet to see a credible source mention Northern Arizona rebranding... as an alum, I think we would've heard something by now. New uniforms wouldn't surprise me, though.

i thought i heard something on the boards like a month or so ago. i thought billy b. or somebody in the college basketball thread.

If you're going to track these kinds of things, I'd recommend tracking sources, too. "I heard it from a guy on Reddit" doesn't count as a source :)

I know what post you're referring to, it was in the CFB thread -- someone's (not Billy B) friend works for the university that apparently has an "in." That's about as credible as Reddit, IMO.

Yeah, not me. Any news I'd have would be for the Illinois rebrand, but the extent of that is relaying stuff from another message board.

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It's a shame that emotional (and irrational) attachments to a sub-par logo can prevent an institution from making a positive step towards a better visual presence. Social media has makes it very easy to jump on a bandwagon without ever thinking about the leap - irrespective of what is good for us. In my opinion, the new SFA logo is infinitely better than the current mark (and no, I didn't do it).

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Those SFA secondary marks were used on some graphics at the Southalnd Tournament during time outs in the past but that's about it. It really bugged me when they did away with red last year. Purple and red was a unique combo even though red was just a trim color. Purple, black and grey doesn't pop to me as much.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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