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Jets Concept Logo for a project (need C&C)


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Hey guys, I'm currently working on an NFL project, and I'm stuck on the Jets.

I know what i want to do with their jerseys, but i can't get over how much i dislike their current logo, so i decided to try and design one myself.

This just took me around 30 minutes, and i want to ask you guys for some C&C. Please give some feedback, I definitely short-cut some things, and I'm gonna go through later and clean it up. But I just want you guys to give me a little feedback on the overall look of it, and maybe some ideas on how it could be better

On white helmet with contrail - 2061u75.png

On white helmet without contrail - opnv9k.png

On Green background with contrail - smxd0z.png

On Green background without contrail - 2vcwdgp.png

thanks again!

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The perspective on your jet is pretty wonky.. Your wings and horizontal stabilizers are on one plane, but your nose and tail fin are on another one. It makes your jet look twisted and it's very distracting. Also the contrails make it look like your jet is flying towards the screen, sideways, instead of in a straight line. They should be pointing the same direction as the nose, or else it will just look like your jet is drifting, which doesn't convey a strong sense of motion.

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thanks everyone for your help. I didn't originally have the contrails on there, but it looked too much like a stock vector and not enough like a sports logo so i added them.

and i put the missles on there because i wanted people to know it was a fighter jet, and not an "air-plane", but i don't know the history of the Jet's logo. Is it supposed to be like an airline plane? because some of their logos look like it. But either way, i wanted to make it a fighter jet to make it more intimidating and more modern. But i will lose the missiles, or make them less noticeable

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ok so i took some of your guys advice and here is this. It still isn't done, because i didn't spend too much time on it, but i changed some things.

I want to keep the contrail because i feel like it looks more like a sports logo, so i added the grey to it. I also added NY to it. I took off most of the missiles, but i keep 1 so people would know it was a fighter jet and not an airline plane. I edited the nose, turned the plane up a little more, and edited the contrail. here they are:





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