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Florida State Unveils New Logo and Uniforms


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saws this on Twitter just now by @PhilHecken

"@PhilHecken: RT @Maida904 Looks like FSU's new (tweaked) logo may have leaked on a department store t-shirt."


follow Phil for great new on everything sports logos and uniforms.
If this is their new logo, thank God. I love it, its a nice modern update, and keeps the logo with it's history. I know many of you may think FSU should just keep their logo, and that's your opinion. Not a bad one, i just think it looks good with the update.
And also, this may not be the updated logo,as it is from a department store, so it could just be the brand's recreation of the logo to get away with not using FSU's actual logo. But if it is, someone hire whoever made it!
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