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New Grizzlies Logo

kansas sports fan

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AWW MAN that happened to me too when I tested the link; I was hoping it was just me since I started the concept. See if this works.


If not I am going to need someone to tell me what to do.


(This part on the bottom is seperate from the top.)

Okay, it worked for me that time.


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Truthfully, I believe that the Grizzlies, from a graphic design standpoint, have one of the better logos in the NBA. So, when I saw the title of this thread, I was a bit skeptical. You did a really good job though. I would add a bit more detail, and make the nose more Grizzly and less teddy-bear-like.

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Memphis should go back to their old Vancouver logo But keep the same colors that they have


And I feel the opposite. I loved the black, red & teal. It was unique. I feel like light blue and dark blue has been so overdone. Still haven't seen more about whether they are changing their colors to black & gold next year like the season ticket renewal may have suggested.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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