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European Soccer Concept Cup VOTING


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What's up, dorks? On the drive home for summer, I remembere a little competition I held over 4 years ago. I thought it would be neat to bring it back.

What it is is essentially five 16 team soccer leagues in different countries in Europe. Everyone will pick a city, design a logo and a minimum of 2 full kits from scratch, then submit them. They all get voted on, and the teams with the most votes moved on to a knockout tournament, ultimately deciding the best concept! Seems easy enough. Check out the old competition by searching ESCC.

So here is the rules. I will post 16 cities. First com first serve in getting teams. The cities are pretty much set, but if you REALLY must have a concept in a different place, just tell me. The most teams a person can do is 3, but in all different leagues. So you could do a team in Germany, Italy, and France. But that means you have to sit out for the UK and Spanish round. You will have 2 weeks from the date the thread is posted to turn in your concept from me. Everyone will vote for 5 concepts, ranked 1-5. The points will be reverse of the rank(1st place=5 points etc). That will be open for 2 days. Once we have all the concepts done, the best 16 move on to a knockout tournament. That's the top 3 in each get automatic bids, and then the 4th place one with most points moves on. The teams will be placed in a bracket, and then we will vote.

All good? This thread is for hype. I'll post the first thread tomorrow.

France - France Voting
Germany - Germany Voting
Italy - Italy Voting

Spain - Spain Voting
United Kingdom - United Kingdom Voting

European Concept Cup Voting

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Neat idea, don't remember the last one though (the link doesn't work btw!) but with my new template about completed I'll be entering at least once!

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Whoops, thanks for that. Just search ESCC and you can find all the concepts and voting. Also I should note that you can't steal a team from the old competition. i want new stuff!

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Quick question, Mr Raysox - in the previous competition there was a standardised typeface entrants were to use for names and numbering. Will this be the case this time around or do we have a free hand when it comes to our kit's typography?

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Hmm. I'm in with France, definitely have some ideas for Italy, and was looking at the UK category as well... but my, Germany is tempting.

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