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Mississauga Hockey League ReBrand (PC Storm)


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I tried starting a concept league thread, but that didn't work out very well. Instead, I'm going to try and rebrand a minor hockey league I grew up playing in. They have pretty good branding for a minor league, but I want to make them look professional (just for kicks). There are 8 teams (and 2 divisions, but points are based off entire leagues play):

Applewood Coyotes

Port Credit Storm

Lorne Park Ojibwa

Cooksville Phantoms

Clarkson Hurricanes

Credit Valley Wolves

Erindale Spitfires

Meadowvale Hawks


All the teams mascots were originally named after an aboriginal tribe that used to live in that area (the only teams who have kept this identity to this day are the Lorne Park Ojibwa, and the Meadowvale [Mo]Hawks). Each team must wear a different coloured jersey, because their house-league division doesn't have 2 sets of jerseys. (An exception are the Credit Valley Wolves who wear black with red sleeves, and the Meadowvale Hawks who wear black with yellow sleeves). I will showcase all the teams current uniform sets, and some of the older sets they have worn. I'm relying on memory, a couple photos online, and some of my old jerseys.

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Port Credit Storm


Port Credit is located right where the Credit River meets Lake Ontario. Their identity is the storm, and their logos are based off of the famous Port Credit lighthouse (the same one used in the Mississauga Steelheads secondary logo). The Storm are the original MHL team that wears royal blue. The colours the Storm currently wear are royal blue, navy blue, and yellow- based off the St. Louis Blues.

Approx. 2000 - 2008



The Storm introduce a new logo that is based off of the St. Louis Blues colour palette, and Brampton Battalion logo. They incorporate the Port Credit Lighthouse in the logo, and use a custom wordmark. The also have the Lighthouse in their secondary logo, which is a maple leaf based on a Team Canada logo. and use the St. Louis blues jerseys. The house-league teams only used one jersey, so they used a version of the Blue jerseys, but without shoulder patches, or sleeve numbers.




The Storm threw a contest where the teams players and parents were asked to design the teams 50th Anniversary jerseys that they would wear that season. The winning design was a shiny gold and navy blue jersey set based off of the Toronto Maple Leafs. One rule of the contest was that the jersey must feature the 50th Anniversary crest on the chest, and the Storms original secondary logo on the shoulders. As a result, the jerseys hold gold on them, but the logos still had yellow. The house-league teams used their blue jerseys.




After the 50th Anniversary season the Storm decided to go back to their double-blue and yellow colour palette. The new jerseys were based off of the Atlanta Thrashers home set, but with "STORM" written down the arm. They brought back the original logo and retained the shoulder patches. The house-league teams used their blue jerseys.



I have always thought this team should have red in their uniforms, because it brings continuity from the actual lighthouse to the jerseys as if it was surrounded by the water. This rebrand focuses on the old-school vibe you get the moment you enter Port Credit, and the rich history the village offers with it's most prominent colours, blue and red (and white). The old Storm crest is replaced by a retro Port Credit wordmark, and update versions of the original secondary logo are placed on the shoulders. The house-league team would wear their blue jerseys.

Any C&C on the concept?

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As someone who used to play for Medowvale, I'm excited to see these. Great job on Port Credit. Certainly something I could see them using. Possibly make the striping pattern consistant on both jerseys?

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I didn't expect this many people to know the league, this makes it that much more fun. I'm going to try and get the other ones done as soon as I can. If anybody has any comments they would like to offer just let me know. Having the perspective of former players is good.

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Oh, I know I'm going to love this series! I started playing hockey in what was then the Toronto Township Hockey League (TTHL), which became the MHL...for Dixie-Burnhamthorpe and Dixie (now part of Applewood).

One small request...once the current series is done, would you consider doing concepts for some of the Associations that no longer exist, or that have merged with other organizations? I am thinking of (in no particular order) Burnhamthorpe, old Dixie, Dixie-Burnhamthorpe, newer Dixie, Malton, old Applewood, Cloverleaf, Lakeview, Cawthra...

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