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Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LV


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18 hours ago, smith03 said:

It would be nice if they went back to the double helmet end zones


1 hour ago, nola field lover said:

What about a vikings yellow end zone? I don't think it would be too shocking thinking of past similar decisions (pittsburgh with yellow, saints with the gold endzone in 44). I think the best would be teal Jags, yellow vikings. lets see that maybe? 


I'll tie these two posts together. The Vikings did have the gold endzones for Super Bowl's VIII, IX, and XI because their purple helmets in the duel helmet endzone era. In Super Bowl IV they had a purple endzone. I'd expect a purple endzone from the Vikings, but it's always fun to see what could be. I can do a couple gold endzones for the Vikings, and some duel helmet ones for all the teams once I get the chance.

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On ‎1‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 10:14 AM, crosby87rules said:

I wonder if they will go with the standard numbers or use the Vikings number font that is already on the field?

If I were to guess, I think they would probably retain the Vikings number fonts, but would hope they would outline the numbers in the colors for the teams that will advance to the Super Bowl, and hopefully paint the team colors on the 25 yard lines, and paint the red & blue stripes that are supposed to border the 50 yard line

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2 hours ago, nola field lover said:

Maybe do a gold viking endzone with the early 2000s scheme: shield at mid field, endzones with conf logo and team logo, outlines on 50, and 20's?


I decided to try 80s style endzones, since I think they are a bit better than the mid 2000s endzones. I can do those later, but this is what I started with.










I'm working on some fields for these

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On ‎1‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 10:40 AM, pitt6pack said:



Some others as well...







In the past few years (Super Bowls XLVII, LI) the NFL has put in a completely new turf field, and since Minnesota has a sewn in field, I expect they would also just put in a completely new field, and add the watered down paint as they did for last years Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl XLVII field held up VERY WELL during that game, but I hope they DO NOT water down the paint like they did for Super Bowl LI, wish they could sew in the logos on NEW turf at U.S. Bank Stadium, and insert the team colors at the 25 yard lines, and insert the red & blue stripes at the 50 yard line


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As a huge fan of the Super Bowl Field Database, and an even huger fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, this week is extraordinary to me. After we beat the Steelers on Sunday, I knew that - if nothing else - we had now made it to the "What Could Have Been" section of the Super Bowl Field Database.

Keep up the good work!

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1 hour ago, vikmurphy said:

There starting switching out the Vikings logos on the field, im wondering if there are going to use the Vikings field numbers




They took away the purple outlines from the field, but the numbers are still there as is, so maybe they will keep them. I was wrong about them replacing the entire field, and my thoughts on the numbers were based on them replacing the field. So I can see them just using the numbers that are already there. We'll see as the week goes on. Hopefully they bring back outlines for the team colors.



37 minutes ago, SumanCommaJake said:

from the Star Tribune article: 


“Also gone, at least temporarily, is the Vikings Norseman insignia at midfield, to make room for the Super Bowl logo.”


What’re the chances that they’re moving the Super Bowl logo back to midfield instead of having it on either side of the NFL shield??? 


Slim I'd say. I think the person that wrote the article probably either doesn't pay much attention to Super Bowl fields, or used Super Bowl logo instead of NFL logo, to make things simpler for the average reader. It would be neat to see a change, as long as it isn't a the Super Bowl logo at midfield, and NFL logs at the 25's.

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I thought this shot from the video was quite interesting, and it may tell us something about this years endzone design:



That's the Broncos wordmark, which they could be using to get an idea of size they want to use for the wordmarks in the endzones.


Interesting that, by the looks of it, the size of the wordmark is the same as the Broncos used for Super Bowl XLVIII, and not from their most recent Super Bowl 50, where the wordmark was larger (first year without conference logos).


It's just an odd thing to see, and I'm just speculating, but maybe it's a hint that we may get a change for the field different from the past two games format. Here's to hoping.

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